Public Resolvers

Here's a list of the public DNSCrypt resolvers I maintain around the globe. All servers support IPv4+IPv6 and DNSSEC, are uncensored, unfiltered and encrypted. I do not store any logs, I do, however, collect metrics.

DNSCrypt services are provided on port 443. All servers are powered by CentOS, Rocky Linux or Alma Linux, Unbound and Encrypted DNS Server.

Please use them and let me know if you encounter any issues!

Status Country City Provider
Coventry GreenCloudVPS$ Details
London Sponsored by Kuroit$ Details
Munich Webhosting24$ Details
Düsseldorf Details
Frankfurt Details
Nuremberg netcup Details
Stockholm Sponsored by Internetport Details
Sandefjord Sponsored by Terrahost Details
Amsterdam Sponsored by Terrahost Details
Amsterdam Sponsored by CrownCloud Details
Naaldwijk Sponsored by IncogNET Details
Madrid GINERNET$ Details
Tallinn xTom Details
Vienna Alwyzon Details
Sofia AlphaVPS$ Details
Oradea Sponsored by HOST-C Details
Warsaw Sponsored by Skhron Details
Chișinău AlexHost$ Details
Istanbul Sponsored by WORLDBUS Details
Eygelshoven Sponsored by MillenialHost Details
Geneva ITLDC Details
Helsinki Details
Kyiv ITLDC Details
Charkiw ITLDC Details
Paris hostEONS Details
Riga ITLDC Details
Budapest Virtono$ Details
Milan Virtono$ Details
Copenhagen Virtono$ Details
Athens$ Details
Dublin$ Details
Vilnius Hosteroid$ Details
Bratislava Hosteroid$ Details
North America
Dallas Linveo$ Details
New York Webhosting24$ Details
Philadelphia LaunchVPS$ Details
Atlanta Sponsored by KnownHost Details
Miami Webhosting24$ Details
Los Angeles Webhosting24$ Details
Los Angeles Sponsored by CrownCloud Details
Las Vegas BuyVM$ Details
Phoenix GreenCloudVPS$ Details
Durham Little Creek Hosting$ Details
Chicago TNAHosting$ Details
Salt Lake City Sponsored by hostEONS Details
Liberty Lake Sponsored by IncogNET Details
Spokane Sponsored by Crunchbits Details
Portland Sponsored by hostEONS Details
Denver LetBox$ Details
Coeur d'Alene IonSwitch$ Details
Detroit Hostodo$ Details
Tampa SolidSeoVPS$ Details
Allentown Sponsored by IncogNET Details
Ashburn Kuroit$ Details
Fremont Sponsored by Cloudie Networks Details
Flint LetBox$ Details
Ottoville Linveo$ Details
Port Edwards LetBox$ Details
Seattle LetBox$ Details
Santa Clara LetBox$ Details
Taos LetBox$ Details
Kansas City Sponsored by F4 Networks Details
Montreal LetBox$ Details
Toronto Sponsored by Cloudie Networks Details
Vancouver CACloud Details
South America
Valdivia Zappie Host$ Details
Lima Elá Details
São Paulo PhotonVPS$ Details
Fujairah Melbicom Details
Mumbai Melbicom Details
Taipeh Softshell Hosting$ Details
Singapore Kuroit$ Details
Singapore Sponsored by WebHorizon Details
Jakarta AsiaVM Details
Hong Kong Sponsored by Spike Telecom Details
Hong Kong Sponsored by MillenialHost Details
Tokyo Kuroit$ Details
Tokyo Sponsored by WebHorizon Details
Sydney Webhosting24$ Details
Adelaide Sponsored by Cloudie Networks Details
Auckland Zappie Host$ Details
Hanoi GreenCloudVPS$ Details
Ho-Chi-Minh City GreenCloudVPS$ Details
Johannesburg Zappie Host$ Details
Lagos Melbicom Details
Ebène Details

Note: Links marked with $ are affiliate links and help me cover the costs for the servers.

Interested in sponsoring a location? Get in touch!