I started looking into DNSCrypt in 2015 when Pi-hole came up. I threw it on a spare Raspberry Pi Model B and am using it until today. Since then I had to replace the SD card a few times, though. Using my ISP's resolvers or Google's would have been boring, so I looked for alternatives and came across DNSCrypt.

I'm also very interested in IPv6 and started running my own IPv6-only autonomous system AS212085 in 2020. Therefore, using IPv6-enabled DNSCrypt resolvers is inevitable.

I've used different public DNSCrypt resolvers over the years but noticed some quirks here and there: While most resolvers work flawlessly, some of them respond ridiculously slow from time to time, some of them don't respond at all and some of them throw SERVFAILs for some DNSSEC-enabled websites for unknown reasons.

It started nagging me that I couldn't get to the bottom of these issues. After switching resolvers back and forth for a while, I decided to start running my own one in 2022.

So here we are now... Since latency is crucial for DNS, I set up 20 35 resolvers in different parts of the world, well aware that many regions are still uncovered. Depending on how things work out, I might expand (or cut back) in the future.