November 2023


Three new location have been added:

  • Allentown, PA (Thanks IncogNET for sponsoring that location!)
  • Detroit, MI and
  • Tampa, FL

September 2023


Anonymized DNSCrypt and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) are now supported on all resolvers. New resolver lists can be found on the front page.

hostEONS has generously sponsored two new locations: Salt Lake City, UT and Portland, OR. Thanks for supporting the project!


New locations: Istanbul + Hong Kong

Removed: Denver


New locations: Los Angeles, Amsterdam

Replaced: Atlanta

Deprecated: Denver (the provider Dedipath has shut down its operations and the server hosting the resolver may go offline anytime)

Removed: Salt Lake City

August 2023


The resolver in Zurich, CH has been removed as Kuroit has closed that location. They're sponsoring our new resolver in London, UK instead.

Thanks to generous sponsors Skhron, IncogNET and Crunchbits, I've been able to add four more resolvers to the project: Warsawa, PL / Naaldwijk, NL and two US locations (Liberty Lake, WA / Spokane, WA).

Another resolver in Phoenix, AZ has been added.

March 2023


5 new resolvers have been added to the project: Salt Lake City, US / Chicago, US / Atlanta, US / Dublin, IE, Stockholm, SE.
The latter is generously sponsored by Internetport Sweden AB. Thank you!


10 new resolvers have been added to the project: Castlegar, CA / Valdivia, CL / Mumbai, IN / Montreal, CA / Johannesburg, ZA / Taipeh, TW / Philadelphia, US / Chișinău, MD / Durham, US / Denver, US

February 2023


This website has a logo now. Thanks to lenismolina who did an amazing job!


The "Get Started" section has been added as well as a section dedicated to the generous sponsors of this project.


An automated monitoring has been implemented which checks if every server is online and sends proper responses. The results are shown on the public resolvers page.


An auto-generated server list for use with dnscrypt-proxy is now available at Instructions on how to use it can be found here.

January 2023


Munin tweaks and more work on the website: "Changelog" and "About" were added.


The Ansible playbook to set up the resolvers are done. I'm now able to get a new resolver up and running within minutes.


I ordered a KVM server in Madrid from GINERNET and got pretty annoyed when they told me I had to pay an extra recurring fee to have IPv6 enabled.


Kuroit donated a KVM server in Zürich . Thanks a bunch!


I started preparing the management server and got Ansible and Munin up and running.

Few more idle servers (Coventry , Frankfurt and Düsseldorf ) were added to the project.


dnscry.ptwas registered and the initial version of this website was published.


Terrahost agreed to donate two KVM servers (Amsterdam + Sandefjord ). Thanks a bunch!

2023-01-02 put out an irresistible offer and I rented a KVM server in Dallas .

December 2022

Someday between Christmas and New Years' Eve

The idea to turn some of my idle virtual servers was born. I selected 12 servers (+1 for management and monitoring) for the project.