New location: Bratislava, IP change for tyo03

A resolver in Bratislava, Slovakia has been added.

tyo03 had its IPs changed. The resolver lists have been updated accordingly.

IP address for Ottoville has changed

Please note that the resolver in Ottoville got new IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

New locations: Canada West, Vietnam, Brazil

Two new resolvers in Vietnam have been added, as well as one in Vancouver, BC and another one in São Paulo.

I have been unable to find a solution for tyo01 with the provider Webhosting24, therefore tyo01 and sin01, which is hosted with the same provider, have been decommissioned and replaced by tyo03 and sin03.

If you encounter any issues with any of the resolvers, please shoot me a message. Every resolver is monitored but there have been and will be edge cases my monitoring is not (yet) able to detect. is likely to go offline

The resolver tyo01 has broken bandwidth accounting for about a week and has been suspended due to hitting the traffic limit few days ago. I'm trying to work with the provider but they don't seem to be interested in getting this sorted.

If I am unable to get this resolved, tyo01 will be decommissioned. Please switch to tyo02 instead.

jkt02 removed

I have removed the second resolver in Jakarta (jkt02). It has been offline for several days and the company hosting the server doesn't respond to my messages.