Black Friday madness

The Black Friday madness is over and I have been able to snag some decent VPS deals for the project. But there's also "bad" news.

  • Resolver 'Warsaw 01' is no more. WebHorizon closes that location. Please use 'Warsaw 02' (sponsored by Skhron) instead!

  • We have three new sponsors: Cloudie Networks, MillenialHost and WebHorizon. Thank you for supporting the project!

  • They are sponsoring new resolvers in Adelaide, Fremont, CA, Toronto, Hong Kong, Eygelshoven, Tokyo and Singapore.

  • We have POPs in Ukraine now: Kyiv and Kharkiv

  • Besides them, there's a bunch of new resolvers in Europe: Nuremberg, Belgrade, Dublin, Milan, Prague, Zurich, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Tuusula (near Helsinki), Riga, Eygelshoven, Paris, Geneva and Tiflis

  • New locations in the United States and Canada: Ottoville, Fremont, Denver, Taos, Port Edwards, Flint, Montreal, Santa Clara, Toronto

  • New resolvers in Asia: Fujairah, Mumbai, Adelaide, Auckland, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Jakarta

  • Plus three new locations in South America and Africa: Ebène (Mauritius), Lagos and Lima