Changelog: Alex

DNS-over-TLS issues

If you're using any of the DoT resolvers, you may have got an error message due to an expired certificate for the last 3-4 hours.

The certificate used for DoT and DoH expired today. I replaced it yesterday but forgot to restart the service responsible for DoT. This has now been done and everything should be working again. My apologies for the outage!

New resolver for Dallas

The resolver in Dallas (dfw01) has been replaced by dfw02 due to ongoing IPv6 issues. The resolver lists have been updated. If you need to update your configuration manually, please see here for new connection info.

New Resolvers: Italy and Hungary

Everyone deserves a second chance, so I got two shiny resolvers from Virtono in Milan, Italy and Budapest, Hungary. I hope they gonna stay in these locations this time.

Georgia decommissioned

The resolver in Tbilisi is due for renewal. Georgia is a very expensive location compared to others (about EUR 50/quarter) and has very low traffic so I decided to cancel the service.

I am also aware of the ongoing IPv4 issues with the resolver in Taos, NM. I have opened a ticket but the provider is not responding, unfortunately.

Changes to the changelog

The changelog has been migrated to Yellow's Blog engine so that I can provide a proper RSS feed.

Check it out!